Supply chain


Coordination of supplier deliveries to improve your production indicators. Fully automated, data capture with artificial intelligence, automatic deadline reminders, and status tracking of all pending orders.


No manual data entry

Data is automatically captured directly from purchase orders or invoices or other process documents using artificial intelligence, eliminating manual input.

Easy and direct coordination

Suppliers receive reminders of outstanding deliveries, and can give notice of changes to delivery dates simply and directly.

Streamlines payments

Successful deliveries are also recorded by suppliers, which simplifies the work of warehouses and distribution centres that can confirm them quickly to initiate payment processes.

Large Capacity

Designed to handle hundreds of suppliers, and thousands of deliveries daily. The system is robust and scales technologically according to needs.

Simple to use

The system is designed for use by people, so it seeks to integrate with natural business processes, adding minimal additional interaction.

Clever coordination

SupplyClever aims to simplify procurement by providing useful and timely information to support the process that delivers value to the business.

Contact us for testing

We are currently in a closed testing phase to evaluate specific needs of different industries.
If you are interested in incorporating your needs at this stage, or to learn more about how it works, please contact us.


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